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Because we believe that good preparation is half the battle! Ask your most burning and brutally honest questions about your study here , and get answers from older students! About how YOU get your propaedeutic diploma right away to all the fun extracurricular activities that are being organized.

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Student Association

april 21, 2022

What about resits if I fail my first exam?


Student Association

March 19, 2022

What are the most difficult subjects if I am going to study medicine?


Student Association

March 15, 2022

Is there a big difference between a study association and a student sorority?


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My lawyer

Temma offers free legal support especially for students. You can use this in case of accidents,conflicts with your landlord, objections from, for example...


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Weet je niet zo goed hoe je met geldzaken moet handelen? Je bookie, ofwel financiële adviseur,kan al je geldvragen beantwoorden aan...


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Everyone struggles with mental problems. Do not be afraid to ask for advice ifyou are under too much stress or if other things outside of school are not going well...